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Elizabeth Hartman

  • Antonia Tiger Leafy Quilt Pattern

    Antonia Tiger Leafy Quilt Pattern

    Use this pattern to make tiger quilts in two sizes or a 20” x 20” quilted pillow cover. Each block is made using three different values of the same color: a light value (low-volume) fabric, a mid-tone fabric, and a bright fabric, plus a dark...

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  • Leafy Quilt Pattern

    Leafy Quilt Pattern

    Real tropical plants can be finicky. Making them in patchwork ensures they can survive year-round in any climate. The leaves in Leafy can be made with fat quarters, fat eighths, precut 10” squares or scraps. Use fat eighths or fat quarters to make...

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  • Spectacular Savanna Quilt Pattern

    Spectacular Savanna Quilt Pattern

    A super fun pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. "The animals of the African Savanna are amazing and iconic and I had so much fun turning some of them into patchwork blocks! This 64” x 84” sampler quilt is made using conventional patchwork...

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