Applique/Beading Long Needles #10


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Appliqué needles are longer and more slender than general purpose sewing needles. Generally, you will want to use the smallest needle for the thread diameter when hand appliquéing. This allows for an almost 'invisible' approach to the appliqué process which is the goal when appliquéing by hand.

Size 10 extra-fine Applique/Beading Long Needles from Bohin have an exceptional polish for smooth glide through fabric. Their fine point minimizes holes and their eye is polished with an unique process to minimize breaking thread. Bohin Needles are French-made, high-quality nickel-plated steel with maximum strength and minimum bending. Bohin has over 150 years of needle creating history. Considered the favorite among professionals, we know you will you enjoy the quality and feel of Bohin Needles.

Includes 15 needles.

If ordering by themselves, needles will be sent as a Letter and any postage will be refunded.

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