Aurifil 12wt Thread Club (First Month)


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The SewMondo Aurifil 12wt Thread Club is a fantastic way to build your collection of this beautiful thread. You can join at anytime!

How does it work?

  • You will receive 6 small spools (50 metres) each month totalling 72 spools over 12 months. 

  • The colours have been carefully selecting to include a mix of light, medium and dark values across each colour family.
  • You will receive a clear plastic storage box in the first month which will store all 72 spools and has a reference table showing all the colours (see photos).

  • As this is a rolling program, you can join at ANYTIME! You will receive the storage box in your first month and the equivalent month's selection.

  • To get started, add this product to your cart. Please create an account with us so we can manage your subsequent orders.

  • Subsequent months will be invoiced separately through PayPal.

  • We are happy to coordinate other purchases from the website to be sent at the same time provided the cost of shipping is the same amount (we will only charge any additional postage).


How much does it cost?

Month 1:

$70 with storage case (includes postage for Australian customers).

Month 2 - 12: 

$48 per month (includes postage for Australian customers).


About Aurifil 12wt Thread

Each spool of Aurifil Cotton Mako is mercerised - this enables the fibres to contract and increases the efficiency of the dyeing process. The result is a high sheen thread with a great washing resistance uncomparable to other cotton threads available on the market. Aurifil 12 wt thread is ideal for hand quilting, big stitch hand quilting and machine quilting. 12 weight thread creates a more defined and often primitive look. It's great for designs that use a longer stitch length if using a machine. When machine quilting with 12 wt thread, use 40 wt in the bobbin, increase your stitch length, lower your tension, use Topstitch size 90 needles and stitch slowly. 

Uses for 12wt thread include Hand Applique, Hand Embroidery, Hand Quilting, Cross Stitch, Embellishment and Lace, Machine Applique, Blanket Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch.   Machine Embroidery, Machine Art Quilting, Sashiko, Redwork. 

Recommended needle types:

100/16 or 90/14 Topstitch Needle (use 40wt in the bobbin) 
4.5 Longarm Needles (use 28wt in the bobbin).


Thread Club Colours Schedule

Please see photo for schedule.


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