Embroidery Needles #5/10


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Crewel/Embroidery needles are of medium length with a long, oval eye and a sharp point. They are identical in length and thickness to Sharps but have a longer eye for easier threading with thicker embroidery threads.These are ideal for nearly all surface embroidery and smocking.

Assorted sizes from 5 to 10 Embroidery Needles from Bohin have an exceptional polish for smooth glide through fabric. Their fine point minimizes holes and their eye is polished with an unique process to minimize breaking thread. Bohin Needles are French-made, high-quality nickel-plated steel with maximum strength and minimum bending. Bohin has over 150 years of needle creating history. Considered the favorite among professionals, we know you will you enjoy the quality and feel of Bohin Needles.

Includes 15 needles.

If ordering by themselves, needles will be sent as a Letter and any additional postage will be refunded.

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