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Polk - Fossil (Charcoal)

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Polk by Carolyn Friedlander is an 8-piece collection printed on Robert Kaufman’s Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun – a substrate that Carolyn has loved ever since they first released it (and a favourite at SewMondo!). Homespun, like their regular Essex, is a cotton/linen blend, but with a woven grid created by how the light and dark yarns are woven to create it.

"The designs themselves take some of the ideas from Gleaned a step further. I found that I wasn’t quite done playing with those shapes, plus I like the idea of there being a continuation since one of my favorite things to do with linen collections is to mix them with printed cotton collections–it’s so much fun and the results can be beautiful.Another neat thing about this collection is that I was able to create some new base colors for the Homespun range. Previously, they offered some great neutrals, and so it was no question that I wanted to add an exciting orange (thanks Orangeade!), a vibrant blue (Paris Blue) and a beautiful brown (Roasted Pecan). These three additions, mixed with some of the great existing neutral shades make up the base fabrics for this collection."

Like regular Essex, Homespun is a dream to work with–for quilts, clothes, accessories. It can stand up to a massive number of tasks and desired sewing projects. 

We offer Fat Quarter (approx 50 x 55cm) and 25cm by WOF cuts. Multiple quantities of Fat Quarters will be cut separately. Multiple quantities of 25cm units will be cut as continuous yardage. For example, should you wish to purchase 1 metre, please add 4 units to your cart.


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